Fire Claim Process

You can start over again. You can rebuild. You can move on. We can help.

Most people facing the daunting task of filing a fire insurance claim do not have a working knowledge of their insurance coverage. They don’t fully understand their insurance policy entitlement: what’s covered? What’s not? What is the cost to repair after a fire or the cost to rebuild?

Instead, they rely on their insurance company, assuming, trusting, and hoping that its adjuster will serve their best interests. Unfortunately, the independent adjuster the insurance company sends out is employed by or contracted by the insurance company. Fire Insurance companies are a business and their claim adjusters’ job is to minimize the financial outlay of their employers, not maximize your fire insurance claim settlement.

And whether fire significantly damages or even destroys a single room, a home, an apartment building or an office, there are policy benefits, which affect the structure settlement that are overlooked too often. When you don’t know the nuances of these benefits and, consequently, don’t apply them or solely trust the independent adjuster your insurance company sends out, the value of estimates and insurance claim settlements may be much lower than your coverage warrants or that which you’re entitled for a fire loss

Residential Fire Claims

It’s not until long after a fire has devastated your home that the proverbial dust begins to settle. You’re responsible for documenting and proving your property damage claim to the insurance company—a task that means analyzing the industry jargon and calculations and compiling lists. On top of the loss you’ve suffered. It’s an undertaking. You’re consumed with the paperwork. You don’t even know where to start. Most of our clients have told us that the insurance claim process after a fire or other major loss is as devastating and stressful as the fire or disaster itself.

That’s why, in the aftermath of a fire, partnering with a seasoned public adjuster can be a welcome relief. When you work side-by-side, with a professional who’s on your side who is looking out for your best interests and not that of the insurance compnay, you are closer to getting what you deserve—in fewer, easier steps– the largest possible insurance claim settlement that your policy of insurance dictates.

Commercial Fire Claims

When your place of business endures fire loss, it’s our job to make yours a lot more simple. You’re pressured to make critical recovery decisions. You’re tasked with damage mitigation. And, soon, you will be expected to tread through a complex insurance claim. Meanwhile, day-to-day business operations must march on. So for business owners, dealing with any type of insurance claim, especially fire claims are a weighty responsibility. And that’s where we thrive. That’s why we’re here. Let our tenured team take care of your claim settlement. While we handle the details, you can invest your time in rebuilding and growth.

Our independent public insurance adjusters are experienced estimating, scoping, adjusting and negotiating several different types of commercial fire insurance claims:

  • Church fire claims
  • Condominium fire claims
  • Apartment building fire claims
  • Hotel and motel fire claims
  • Strip center fire claims
  • Restaurant fire claims
  • Hospital fire claims
  • Government building fire claims

Types of Coverages:

  • Business Interruption Claims
  • Code Upgrade
  • Cause and Origin Investigations
  • Forensic accounting for fire claims
  • Property Valuation
  • Loss of Use Claims
  • Loss if Income Claims

Re-opening Fire Claims

The state of Florida grants homeowners and business owners five years from the date of a fire loss to file an insurance claim. This five-year period is still valid even if you’re already received money from the insurance company and completed repairs.

Do you feel that you are owed more than you were paid for your fire insurance claim? Or did you think you were paid an adequate settlement until you began rebuilding and realized you did not have enough money to complete the process?

Our success rate for re-opened fire insurance claims is 100%. We will re-open your claim at no cost to you. And we will only be paid if we win a bigger settlement for you. If we don’t, you won’t owe us a penny. So you have nothing to lose and a new hope—and a bigger settlement—to gain.

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