Fire Insurance Claim: Who Do Insurance Companies Under Pay, Delay, Deny?

Did fire damage wreak havoc to your home or business? If so, the fire insurance claim process is likely wreaking havoc on your life in some way.

Without a fire damage claim expert or public adjuster on your side, many insurance companies will depend on one, perhaps even all, of the “under pay, delay or deny” tactics to keep potential claim proceeds out of your hands.

Sometimes, depending on what is at stake, it’s easier to give in or give up instead of fight. But logically, most people cannot afford to do that during the fire insurance claim process.

When thousands of dollars are at stake and the future of a property being restored is in jeopardy, what do most people do? They become an actuarial statistic of the insurance company.

They give in or give up. They take what’s OFFERED to them instead of demanding what they’re OWED. Or, they walk away defeated with the idea that they have no options.

They stop fighting and relinquish their rights, whether out of sheer frustration, intimidation or not knowing better. Here’s the good news: There are ways to fight the good fight during the fire insurance claim process.

The “under pay, delay or deny” tactics used to keep claim proceeds out of your hands in the bank accounts of the insurance companies can be won. Here’s how:

Working smarter. Being proactive. Committing to the details. And most importantly, knowing and properly navigating the fire claim process. A seasoned fire damage adjuster can do just that.

You see insurance companies know that most people give in or give up during the claim process. Having a claim expert who knows the game and keeps YOU in control leaves little-to-no room for the insurance company’s adjuster to “under pay, delay or deny” your claim for fire damage.

Not all insurance companies are out to short change or deny your claim. So what are some other reasons why so many claimants experience delays, denials and underpayments?

Well let’s assess a recent fire damage insurance claim in Florida that our public adjuster firm was hired to represent.

This claimant was insured by a well-known insurance company. Per the usual, an independent adjuster was sent out by the insurance company to estimate the fire damage sustained at the 4,000 sq ft home.

Weeks went by with no settlement offer. The claimant followed up with the assigned adjuster only to be told that the claim was being processed.

No settlement. More time passed.

And then the waterfall of confusing documents and demands ensued.

Reservation of rights. Sworn Statements. Personal property inventory. The kicker?

An estimate that totaled $73,640 for fire damages. The claimant knew that was grossly low and not nearly enough to restore his beloved home and replace his fire damaged contents.

Still though, no settlement check.

Displaced, frustrated and scared, the claimant called our public adjuster firm for help with his fire damage claim.

While some people give up or decide to take what’s offered to them and be done with the fire claim process, this insured decided to fight smart. Once retained, our team of fire damage claim experts, personal property specialists and public adjusters from Florida went to work right away.

On a high level, our public adjusters formed the right alliances and worked to accurately assess the actual fire damage to the dwelling as well as the cost to repair or replace the items with a like kind and quality.

You see, the damage estimate and the actual cost to repair or replace are two DIFFERENT figures. These figures have vastly different applications and outcomes based upon claimant’s fire damage and insurance policy.

Substantiating, verifying and properly presenting these figures against what’s allowed within the constraints of the policy disallows the opposing insurance adjuster to further delay, deny or underpay.

Working smarter. Being proactive. Committing to the details. And most importantly, knowing and properly navigating the fire claim process. A seasoned fire damage adjuster can do just that.

This is where the difference is made between. This is where being smarter, more proactive and caring for all the details tips the power back to the claimant, not the insurance company.

This is the work that takes time, dedication and expertise. This is the difference between an efficient fire insurance claim process and one powered by the insurance company.

This is the difference of having a fire claim adjuster working for you versus having an overworked, under-experienced independent adjuster sent out by the insurance company working your claim.

For this specific claim, the difference meant payments for ALL the undisputed fire damage and additional living expenses tendered within 18 days of our public adjuster firm being hired.

Within two months out team won a final settlement of $144,789 for our client. Thant’s an ADDITIONAL $71,000+ in fire damage settlement.

Can you afford to lose that kind of money?

Getting the claim settlement you deserve is your right. But you have to know the game and how to navigate the process to ensure you receive what you’re entitled to collect.

It’s an unfortunate fact that some insurance companies rely on tactics to delay, deny and underpay fire damage claims. In most cases this causes extreme financial and emotional stress on claimants who loyally pay premiums and expect a fair and just claims process.

Here’s the take away: when you know your rights then you know assistance is available with the help of an experienced public adjuster.

Insurance Claim Consultants employs the most experienced public adjusters and fire damage adjusters with spotless reputations. We passionately pursue claim settlements that our clients deserve.

We have overturned hundreds of previously underpaid, delayed and even denied claims for fire damage.

And the best part? We’re only paid a small percentage of the settlement we win. No upfront costs. No hidden fees.

Do you have a fire insurance claim that you have questions about? Our public adjusters are available 24/7 to answer your questions. Contact us today.

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