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Storm Damage Claims: Under Pay, Delay, Deny

Do you have a storm damage insurance claim that you’ve reported to the insurance company? Don’t be an actuarial statistic. Without a claim expert or public adjuster, many insurance companies depend on any one, if not all, of the under pay, delay, deny or defend tactics to keep settlement proceeds in their bank and out of your pocket. Read more


Fire Insurance Claim: Who Do Insurance Companies Under Pay, Delay, Deny?

Did fire damage wreak havoc to your home or business? If so, the fire insurance claim process is likely wreaking havoc on your life in some way.

Without a fire damage claim expert or public adjuster on your side, many insurance companies will depend on one, perhaps even all, of the “under pay, delay or deny” tactics to keep potential claim proceeds out of your hands. Read more


Public Adjuster in Hattiesburg, MS Increases Fire Damage Claim Settlement by $38,433

Errors and oversights from insurance company adjusters during the fire claim process happen all too frequently. The party who suffers the most is the homeowner or business owner whose property was damaged by fire and smoke. This claim in Hattiesburg, MS was no different. Luckily the insured was smart enough to do his research and hire a public adjuster before accepting the claim settlement that was OFFERED to him. Read more


Hotel Owner Retains Florida Public Adjuster to Assist With Fire and Soot Damage Claim

A fire significantly damaged many areas of a boutique hotel in Sarasota, Florida. Many of the guest rooms and the entire restaurant was damaged by fire, smoke and soot. The hotel owner retained our Florida public adjuster team after it was decided that many of the damaged items would be cleaned and not replaced during the claim process. Read more


Fire Damage Adjuster Over Turns Denied Columbia, SC Fire Claim

A woman’s home and personal property were completely destroyed after a “resident relative” intentionally set fire to the residence. The relative admitted to the crime and was arrested shortly after setting fire to the home which was located in Columbia, SC. Read more


Home Insurance Cash Settlement

Policyholders naturally have a lot of questions when it comes to receiving a home insurance cash settlement. There are many instances where your cash settlement can be either compromised or circumvented altogether. Read more


Smoke Damage Insurance Claims

Although it’s not necessarily visible, smoke is a highly pervasive and toxic after-effect of fire that can destroy virtually anything in its path…and in ways that are undetectable even to the nose. The smoke that accompany fires of any size can cause irreparable damage not just to textiles such couches, mattresses, and clothing, but to personal belongings such as electronics, mechanical items, and even structural parts of a home or property. Read more


Your Guide to Fire Insurance Forms

You’ve notified your insurance company about your fire damage and now it’s just as simple as cooperating with their follow up…right? Not exactly. Immediately following your initial contact, you’ll begin receiving a series of fire insurance forms from your insurance company, asking you to fill out a full spectrum of information regarding your fire damage claim, from facts as straightforward as your full name to a series of more detailed questions that can feel much more complicated to answer than you may have anticipated. Even if the initial questions don’t feel intimidating, any omission on your end could prove disastrous in the weeks that follow. Read more


Knowing Your Options When It Comes to Fire Damage Repair

To say that recovering from fire damage is an emotionally overwhelming time is a gross understatement; this is often the most devastating trial a person will experience in his/her entire lifetime. For that reason, when faced with the aftermath of a disastrous house fire, most fire damage victims don’t realize the full range of options they have when it comes to repairing, replacing, or rebuilding the damage to their home and its contents. Unless they’ve contacted an experienced public adjuster to advocate on their Read more


Should You Hire a Fire Claims Adjuster?

A part, if not all, of your home is in ruins. Many of your possessions that weren’t burned are engulfed in smoke—a residual smell that continues to haunt many fire damage victims as they attempt to preserve any intact clothing, furniture, and cherished pieces and heirlooms. You’ve likely been displaced from your home, forced to live in a hotel or with family or friends as you try your best to with day-to-day life. Unfortunately, the damage you’ve incurred extends to beyond what you cannot see – the intense emotional trauma you’re likely experiencing as you grapple with this tremendous loss. Read more