Proof Of Loss For Fires

Proof of Loss for A Fire Insurance Claim

A Proof of Loss form is a legal document used commonly in the fire claim process. It’s a formal declaration made by the claimant regarding the amount of smoke and fire damage sustained to a property. Most insurance companies require the submission of the Proof of Loss for a fire insurance claim prior to tendering any payment.

Tips before you submit your Proof of Loss.

  1. Know What to Expect: Many insurance claim professionals consider the Proof of Loss form to be one of the most important documents in the fire claim process. When you submit the form is as important as what you put on the form. If a claimant fails to properly fill out the form then the insurance company will likely delay or deny settlement.
  2. Find Out What’s Required of You in the Fire Claim Process: The Proof of Loss must be submitted on or before a specific date. You must request from your claim adjuster a certified copy of your insurance policy. Section 1- Conditions, (2) Duties After Loss will outline important dates and deadlines you must adhere to after a fire claim. Most policies require you file the Proof of Loss form within 60 days of the date of loss. Write to the insurance company AND your independent claim adjuster to request an extension if you need extra time. As a best practice, contact an experienced fire claim adjuster if you have any questions.
  3. Confirm the TRUE Value of Your Fire Claim: There are many variables that should be taken into consideration when determining a comprehensive scope of fire and smoke damage. Claim estimates, inventories and other supporting documents will need to be submitted with the Proof of Loss Form. Who are you relying upon to provide you with an estimate and an accurate claim total? Get a second estimate from an experienced fire claim professional who is not affiliated with your insurance company. Contact us and a public adjuster will explain how to calculate the replacement cost or actual cash value of the personal property.
  4. Verify the Details Are Correct: Double check that your Proof of Loss is signed, dated and notarized. Verify the correct policy details are correctly and legibly listed on the Proof. The insurance company will reject your Proof of Loss if  it’s not properly executed. This will delay a settlement offer and payment for your fire damage claim.
  5. Be Proactive with Claim Help: Don’t wait until your fire claim has been delayed or denied before seeking help from an experienced and trusted public adjuster. Hiring professional claim help early in the fire claim process will ensure a quicker and faster settlement.

In conclusion, be proactive with the Proof of Loss Form. Ideally, consult with a trust fire damage adjuster or public adjuster prior to submitting the Proof. Many of these claim professionals offer complimentary advice and insurance claim help.

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