Public Adjuster in Hattiesburg, MS Increases Fire Damage Claim Settlement by $38,433

Errors and oversights from insurance company adjusters during the fire claim process happen all too frequently. The party who suffers the most is the homeowner or business owner whose property was damaged by fire and smoke. This claim in Hattiesburg, MS was no different. Luckily the insured was smart enough to do his research and hire a public adjuster before accepting the claim settlement that was OFFERED to him.

A grease fire in the home quickly spread fire and smoke throughout the property. Although the members of family escaped without harm, the home suffered significant fire damage in the kitchen and smoke damage throughout the majority of the home. According to the insured the fire claim process went smoothly until he was offered a settlement.

The insured did his research right at the onset of his insurance claim. He prepared his own personal property inventory and sought out two fire damage estimates by local restoration companies in Hattiesburg. Note, the insured did not allow the insurance company- or the restoration company sent out by them- to take possession of his personal property. He also didn’t allow the insurance company- or its representatives- to start the restoration process until he knew exactly what he would be offered.

As a property appraiser in Hattiesburg, the insured was familiar with overhead and profit as well as basic depreciation principles. Based on the insurance company’s estimates he knew right away that his claim settlement was too low. He hired our public adjuster firm to pick up the pieces and take his fire claim over the finish line. We assured him that we would not be paid unless we could win him a larger settlement.

Our team, consisting of one fire damage adjuster and one personal property specialist got to work on the claim. The property owner was indeed right. The overhead and profit area of the claim was grossly miscalculated by the insurance company. We were able to uncover other parts of the claim that went unaddressed. Certain coverage in his policy, combined with recent changes in building codes, allowed for upgrades to the home’s windows, improvements to the structure as well as exterior of the home. These items alone added more than $22,000 in settlement funds. Although the insured’s personal property was wonderfully done by himself, our specialist was able to document oversights and miscalculations. We were able to increase the Coverage C settlement for personal by more than $16,000.00

The moral of the story is this: if you have a fire and smoke damage claim then first do your research. Failure to stop and do your research will result in relinquishing your rights and the chance for a fair settlement during the fire claim process. Always seek the counsel of an experienced public adjuster, preferably one with over a decade of experience adjusting fire damage claims. May adjusters offer free evaluations if you want to check if your claim is on the right track. Give us a call if you need some advice or help with a fire claim. Our experienced public adjusters are available 24/7 in Hattiesburg and through the U.S.

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